T-shirts are the most frequently worn and favorite clothing items in summer. T-shirts, which provide a fresh, comfortable and sporty look when taken in the right size, can confuse you with different size options. In this case, the best method is to take your body measurements. So how to measure t-shirt size? In order to take this measurement, a helper and a tape measure are needed. The next steps are:

  1. Stand with the spine in an upright position
  2. The entire chest circumference is measured under the arm with a tape measure and written on a piece of paper.
  3. The end of the tape measure is placed at the end of the shoulder and the beginning of the arm. It is lowered along the body to the required length, the measurement corresponding to an average of 10 cm below the belt is written on a piece of paper.

What are the T-Shirt Sizes?

Body measurements for t-shirts are determined by chest and upper body length. These units are lettered XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, and XLarge. Every brand, every model and every t-shirt has different patterns. But after you have determined your size, no matter which t-shirt model you choose, the t-shirt pattern will fit on you as it should. You can compare the measurement you took for the t-shirt size with the table below and find out your t-shirt size.














46 cm



48 cm


How to Choose the Best T-Shirt?

Collar, fabric type and length are the most important factors in choosing a t-shirt. Color should also be added to these and the most appropriate t-shirt selection should be made.

  • Fabric Type: T-shirts are generally preferred products in summer. Wearing t-shirts made of fabrics that can refresh you and absorb sweat in hot weather will be both a healthy and the right choice. Cotton fabric is the perfect fit for summer wear. In addition, linen and sile cloth will not disappoint you with their lightness and comfort.
  • Collar: The choice of collar is very critical due to the perception of body size. V, U, square and oval collars are ideal for the summer months as they provide clarity and prevent you from looking overweight. Cycling and zero collars, on the other hand, will make your chest and shoulders look wider, causing you to look fatter than you are.
  • Basic Light Blue Men's Tshirt Length: Those looking for comfort on hot days usually prefer long t-shirts. However, it should be a maximum of 15 cm longer from the belt part. T-shirts that are too long can make you look shorter, while T-shirts that are too short can make you look fatter.
  • Color: The t-shirt color you choose should definitely be suitable for the summer season. Dark-toned T-shirts such as navy blue and black, which trap the heat by absorbing it, will make you sweat a lot. Soft and light tones such as white, pink and light blue will push the warmth and offer you a comfortable experience.

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How Long Should the T-Shirt Be?

Basic Lilac Women's Tshirt T-shirt sizes usually differ according to the pattern in which they are produced. Especially recently, short t-shirts are among the products that users love to buy. However, the ideal length selection for the t-shirt may vary according to the height of the person. Short people will look shorter than they are when they choose long t-shirts. Tall people choosing short t-shirts will create the impression that there is a disproportion in their bodies. For this reason, the choice of t-shirt should be determined to be specific to the height of the person.

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