T-shirt prints are dyes that are processed into t-shirt fabric with high heat during production. These plastic-structured materials are of course not as durable as cotton or polyester. However, if you make a quality choice, it is quite possible to get a printed t-shirt that you can use for many years. T-shirt prints are not easily removed from your t-shirt. In cases such as long-term use, exposure to sunlight and water for many years, it is quite natural to see various lines on the print or to open the spaces between the print fabric. This does not mean that when you buy a printed T-shirt, you will use it for a short time, it means that you should use it more carefully.

Can Printed T-Shirts Be Washed in a Washing Machine?

Can Printed T-Shirts Be Washed in a Washing Machine?

Handling your printed t-shirt more carefully does not necessarily mean that you should hand wash it. Of course, printed T-shirts can be washed in the washing machine with peace of mind, like all clothing products. You should put your printed t-shirt, which you will wash for the appropriate time and at the appropriate degree, into the machine by turning it upside down. Inverting will prevent the pressure on your T-shirt from rubbing with other clothing in the cramped washing machine. Thus, the wear rate of your printed t-shirt, which has been left in the washing machine for a few hours, will be minimized as much as possible.

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One of the main reasons for t-shirt prints to be erased or removed is that they are washed at high temperatures. On the label of the printed t-shirt you bought, it is written at what temperature it should be washed. If not, the most suitable wash temperature for printed t-shirts is usually a maximum of 30 degrees. Although 30 degrees may seem low in terms of cleaning, the systematics of the washing machine is designed to give you the best results with the use of the right detergent. Both printed and unprinted t-shirts that are washed at high temperatures may deteriorate. 30 degrees is enough to clean the smell of sweat, sweat stains, various stains or daily dirt on your t-shirt.

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Today, printed T-shirts are sold in hundreds of thousands or even millions of different options. You may find it difficult to choose the one that suits you among all these options. Because while you want to benefit from the charm of printed t-shirts, you don't want to have the same t-shirt as anyone else. The most effective way to achieve this is to reach original designed printed t-shirts. Nors printed t-shirts shares with you its printed t-shirts that offer a large number of original designs and creative motifs to fully meet your needs.

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