It is important to know the correct maintenance and cleaning techniques to maintain the color, shape and general condition of your t-shirts. As the " Nors " brand, we offer the following recommendations for the longevity of your t-shirts.

Correct Washing Methods: Temperature and Detergent Selection

When washing your t-shirts, the first thing you should pay attention to is the temperature. Most T-shirts should be washed in cold or warm water according to the directions on the label. Hot water can cause discoloration and abrasion of the fabric when washing your t-shirts.

The choice of detergent is also important. Consider using a mild detergent made specifically for delicate clothing. Very aggressive detergents can damage the fabric and discolor them. Also, turning your T-shirts inside out helps preserve prints and patterns.

Hang Drying Your T-Shirts: The Best Practice

When drying your t-shirts, prefer to hang them dry if possible. This maintains the shape of your t-shirt and minimizes wrinkles. You may also consider drying your T-shirts in a low-temperature dryer, but drying them at a high temperature can cause your T-shirt to shrink.

Tips for Spot Cleaning: How to Remove Grass and Oil Stains

Stubborn stains such as grass or oil stains are difficult to remove, but possible with the right techniques. Apply some liquid laundry detergent to the stained area and let it sit for a few minutes. Next, wash your T-shirt as normal. If you see the stain is still there, repeat the process before drying your shirt.

How to Iron Your T-Shirts: The Right Technique

When ironing your t-shirts, consider using a low-temperature steam iron. Ironing your T-shirt inside out and putting a cloth over the T-shirt prevents damage to prints and patterns.

Things to Consider in T-Shirt Care: Storage, Perfume and Deodorant Usage

When storing your t-shirts, it is best to fold them neatly or hang them on a hanger. This minimizes wrinkles and maintains the shape of your t-shirt. Also, avoid spraying perfume or deodorant directly on your t-shirts. These products may cause stains on the fabric. Instead, put on your T-shirt after spraying perfume or deodorant on your body.

As Nors, we wish our products to serve you for a long time. By following the suggestions above, you can extend the life of your t-shirts and keep them as fresh as the first day.