The weight of your backpack should be proportional to your body weight. You may want to put small but very heavy items in backpacks that you can carry with you at any time. This move, which you will do by thinking that you can fit and carry it, unfortunately, is pregnant with negativities. If you feel that you are being pulled down when you first put your backpack on your shoulder, it means that after a few minutes you will start to experience back and neck pain due to the weight on your back. For this reason, when determining the weight of your backpack, it is necessary to both know how much weight you can carry and calculate how long you will carry this weight. It is known that very heavy bags cause permanent problems on long journeys. For this reason, it is recommended to load items that you can carry without being deceived by the size of your backpack.


How to Carry Heavy Bags?

Indispensable for long trips are backpacks that are stuffed to the brim. Your backpack, which you usually try to fit all your daily items out of necessity, will give you great difficulty later in your journey. Therefore, you may need to use different migration methods and occasionally change your migration methods. A loaded backpack can of course be carried on the longest back. When the weight starts to tire you out, you can relax your idle shoulder by wearing your heavy bag with one sleeve on your right and left shoulders respectively. Then, carrying it alternately in your right and left hands for a while will be relaxing as it will work your arms and relax your shoulders.

Brixton Backpack - Brick What Is The Healthiest Way To Carry Backpacks?

The easiest way to carry a healthy backpack is to adjust it according to your body. Each backpack has various apparatuses to adjust the size of the bag. By means of these parts, it is possible to adjust your bag to distribute the weight evenly. Although it is called a backpack, the weight is not only loaded on the back in two-shoulder bags carried on the back. At this point, if you can fit your bag into your waist gap, you will benefit equally from your waist, back and neck muscles. Thus, carrying a backpack can become much easier for you.

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Mag Midi Backpack - Goldenrod

Are the Fabrics of Backpacks Durable?

Backpacks are produced from very durable fabrics based on the idea that heavy items can be put inside. Although various wear and tear can be seen over time on backpacks with a three- or four-layer fabric structure, it is out of the question for the fabric of your backpack to tear due to items unless it is torn apart by a sharp object.

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