Oversized sweaters are indispensable for those who want to combine comfort with elegance. Countless combinations with Nors oversize sweaters, each more beautiful than the other with a loose, soft and very stylish design, can make you the star of your friend circle. Of course, the most important point in such cases is the combination to be made. So how to combine oversize sweat? Oversized sweaters, preferred by everyone who is comfortable and likes sportswear, generally create a nice harmony with narrow-cut products. Under your oversize sweater that you can wear in any color you want, skinny-leg trousers and leggings will look great. Let's take a look at how to make a perfect oversize combination with Nors products.

Oversize Sweat Combination Suggestions

  • You can choose from Nors men's oversize sweat products, with a vibrant yellow color that you can choose, a black skinny trousers and a light-colored sneaker will go perfectly under your eye-catching outfit.
  • You can combine a white or black clothing product that you can choose among women's oversize sweaters with a black shiny tights in a magnificent way. Of course, wearing a stylish sneaker underneath…
  • The oversize sweat you will wear and your trousers or tights should be color-matched. If you wish, you can make this harmony with similar tones or you can make your choice by building on contrasts.

Which Fabric Should Oversize Sweat Be Made Of?

Nors Women's Gray Hoodie Oversize sweaters, as in all other oversize products, are clothes that need to be draped as well as having a large and wide stance. Although there are various fabrics that can provide this stance, cotton fabric will be the best choice. Because cotton fabric is a very healthy textile material whose raw material consists of natural components. It is also ideal for oversized sweaters that provide a sporty look. It provides a wonderful experience by absorbing sweat and body fluids quickly, and allows your body, which is not exposed to the sun, to breathe, especially in winter. Thus, it will be possible to get full efficiency from the comfort of oversize.

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Oversized Sweat Which Size Should You Buy?

Nors Men's Yellow Oversized Sweatshirt Oversize sweaters are produced using wide patterns. On average, you need to buy oversize sweaters that are produced 2 sizes larger than your normal size in your own size. If you buy these products, which are already larger than your size, even larger and smaller than your size, you may not be able to achieve the look you want.

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