Plus size, or oversize clothing, as it was originally called, is a style of clothing that focuses on comfort. For this reason, the oversize products you choose should be in sizes and fabric types that will not disturb you during the day. Oversize t-shirts, sweatshirts and many more should give you a shabby yet sporty and stylish look. All size clothes to be chosen from random fabric types will not help you achieve the style you want. Wide-cut products and cotton fabric, which are determined as oversize by the brands, should be among your oversize preferences. For example, a very tightly woven wrong type of fabric, no matter how wide, may appear attached to your shoulders. For this reason, you should trust brands such as Nors when choosing oversize and you should be able to shop with confidence while creating your style.

Nors Men's Gray Hoodie

What are Oversize Products?

Oversized T-shirt is the most preferred clothing product among oversize products. It offers many combination options.
Oversize Pants are mostly preferred by women or men with a thin body type. With oversized tops, it can make you look fatter, and when worn with tight t-shirts, it makes your body form stand out.

Oversized Tracksuits already offer great comfort due to the style they appeal to. Oversized tracksuits are the versions of this comfort adapted to a magnificent style.
Oversized Sweatshirts are the most preferred clothes after oversized t-shirts. You will love this magnificent style that you can combine with tight trousers and leggings.

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The Oversize Sweater is an indispensable product option for those who seek comfort and elegance together, especially in winter. It is seen that men prefer oversized sweaters more.
Oversize Coats are the only options that can be easily worn over oversize tops for those who do not want to compromise their style in cold weather.
Oversize Shirt models are clothing products that are preferred by both women and men. It is among the rarest outfits where you can easily see the dance of elegance together with narrow cut trousers.

Black Long Women Raincoat What is Oversize Elegance?

Although oversize as a style seems to be based only on comfort, considering the product range, it is possible to get a sporty chic look thanks to oversize products such as coats, trousers, sweaters and shirts.

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Printed Oversized T-Shirts

The prints of oversized t-shirts are usually on the back. The reason for this is that it is not preferred to create an eye-catching style for both you and those who look at you.