If you choose your raincoat of good quality and well, you will increase your chances of being protected from possible accidents to a very high level. A good raincoat, on the other hand, should protect you from all rains, from the lightest to the heaviest. In order to do this, it has to carry certain standards.

  • The size of the raincoat should be ideal for you. It should be long enough to cover your calves and short enough not to wrap around your feet. Raincoats in lengths below the knee are the raincoats with the highest level of protection, depending on the quality of the fabric.
  • A hood is essential for full protection. If there is no hood, there is a high probability of water getting into your clothes from the nape of your raincoat.
  • Long raincoats are usually made of canvas fabric. However, these are very sweaty, non-breathable fabrics, of course, with high resistance to water. Produced from fabrics with the same durability level, cotton, fleece or wool raincoats inside will prevent you from getting cold, and will also prevent you from sweating despite the cold.

Is polyester raincoat waterproof?

Is Polyester Raincoat Waterproof?

Although polyester is a material that can maintain its resistance to water when used in bath mats, it is almost impossible to get the same efficiency in raincoats. Petroleum and plastic raw material polyester has a hollow woven structure as it is processed. This is an ideal structure for air and water infiltration. Therefore, polyester fabric is not very healthy for raincoats. But on light rainy days, a polyester raincoat will definitely protect you in spring rains.

Regn Raincoat - Indigo Does Raincoat Keep You Warm?

Maximum protection level is provided when raincoats are produced from air and waterproof fabrics. This also means that as long as you are under a raincoat, you will not be in contact with the air. Especially in very cold weather, changes in body temperature are seen in order to adapt to the external environment in the human body. So when the weather is very cold, your body temperature will be 2 or 3 units higher than normal. Considering that the average human body temperature is 36.5, this measurement can reach 36.7 - 36.8' in very cold weather. This causes you to sweat heavily when you are under an airtight fabric, regardless of the outside temperature. This is why the choice of raincoat is so important. While you want to be protected from the rain on a stormy day, if you do not choose your raincoat from a breathable fabric, you may get sick by sweating and cold. In summer and spring rains, the situation is the opposite. An airtight raincoat will keep you cool, let alone sweating.

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What to Wear Under a Raincoat?

On days with heavy rain, wearing a rubber boot under your raincoat is the best choice. Zippered or lace-up boots are unfortunately not a savior when the water level is high. Rubber boots, on the other hand, will allow you to travel dry without getting wet, as they are one-piece products that come up to your knees.

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