Indispensable for hot weather, t-shirts are one of the most comfortable parts of your closet. These clothing products, which are saviors when you need to go out quickly, should be made of a fabric that will not disappoint you when you choose to wear them. Although it is not possible to prevent sweating on hot summer days, it is possible to minimize the discomfort it causes. What provides this opportunity is the type of fabric the t-shirt is made of. Today, many different fabrics are used in the production of T-shirts, from linen to cotton, from silk to polyester. Among these, the most suitable ones for t-shirts are cotton and polyester. When these two fabrics are used together, they both prevent the t-shirt from absorbing heat and minimize sweating.

How Should a T-Shirt Collar Be?

Collar selection is critical in t-shirts. The wrong collar will bother you more during the day than you can imagine. Especially in summer, V or U-neck t-shirts that do not tighten the neck should be preferred, neck and chest should be relaxed. Of course, it is also possible to choose crewneck t-shirts as part of your daily outfit. However, if you often wear T-shirts with neck-hugging collars, such as a crew neck, sweat and hot air will not give you a comfortable breath.

How to Iron a T-Shirt?

Basic Cappuccino Women's Tshirt T-shirts made of healthy fabrics must be ironed. Cotton fabric is a type of material where slight wrinkles can be seen even if washed in cold water. For this reason, ironing your t-shirt at the appropriate temperature after washing it will make you look more stylish and attentive. If the t-shirt you want to wear is not printed, it is possible to iron it on the reverse or flat. For cotton-weighted fabrics, the heat setting that says "cotton" or "cotton" on your iron will suffice. To iron a printed T-shirt, you have to turn it inside out. Otherwise, the pressure that the iron comes into contact with will damage both your t-shirt and your iron. After turning the sweat on the T-shirt you will use, you can iron it by selecting the appropriate temperature for the fabric type.

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In Which Program Are T-Shirts Washed?

Cat on the Wall Banana Men's Tshirt T-shirts, which are worn frequently on hot summer days, must be changed every day. This is exactly why more than one t-shirt should be in your closet. You can easily wash your dirty T-shirts in your washing machine. You can safely wash your unprinted t-shirts at 30, 40 or 60 degrees after you place them in your machine as you wish, by turning your printed t-shirts inside out. If you don't want your t-shirt to wrinkle too much, you should keep the temperature indicator at 30 degrees and set the spin speed to minimum. It is recommended to hang-dry your T-shirt, which you have washed with similar colors, after removing it from the machine.


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