Waist bags are very useful, practical and small bag types that you can see in everyone lately. Belt bags, which started to be used for short distances, have become widespread today thanks to their appearance that can adapt to any environment. You can use the waist bags, which have become an integral part of vintage and retro clothing styles, as you wish, these days when the past is in fashion again.
Although it is named as a waist bag, the reason for this is that it has been worn on the waist since the 1990s. But now, waist bags can be carried by hand or on the shoulder. If you re-adjust the waist bag handle, which you have adjusted according to your waist, so that it is under your chest on one shoulder by widening or shrinking it, you can easily use your waist bag on your shoulder. Your waist bag, which you can tie diagonally, will thus become a part of your stylish combination.

What can be put in the waist bag?

The waist bag is an accessory that is preferred due to its small size and can adapt to many different styles. Due to its size, it allows you to put the minimum items you need to take with you when going out. In addition to your wallet, phone, key and transportation card, it is possible to fit care products such as lipstick, cream, mini perfume, sanitary pads in your waist bag. Because those who use waist bags do not prefer a bulging and heavy image, they only include small items such as phones and keys. However, this does not prevent you from putting all your necessary items in your waist bag.

Fee Waist Bag - Brick How Many Compartments Should a Waist Bag Have?

Small waist bags are designed to hold a minimum of items. However, the fact that they have two compartments in order to separate items of different sizes from each other provides ease of use. While items such as wallets and phones can be placed in the large compartment, items such as coins, keys or lipstick can be placed in the section located right in front of it.

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Suggestions for the Best Combinations with a Waist Bag

Waist bags are accessories that have recently become fashionable. Therefore, it fits with the fashion sense of the younger generation. This means that it will be compatible with the oversize style. Waist bags can usually be combined with oversized t-shirts or sweatshirts, tight pants or shorts worn underneath. You can choose to carry your waist bag on your waist or shoulder as part of your oversize outfit.

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