Backpacks, where you can fit your belongings that you will use all day and save you from carrying many bags in your hand, are the healthiest load carrying tools you can choose. These bags, which distribute the weight evenly and lean on the back, where the person can carry the weight most easily, directly affect your health. Choosing a backpack, except for special occasions such as camping or sports, will minimize the problems you may encounter in later life. But of course, reasonable weights must be carried for this.

Your backpack should not be heavy all the time. So how does carrying heavy bags affect our health? We can give the first answer to this question over shoulder bags. Too heavy shoulder bags that put weight on one side of the body can cause neck hernia. Waist bags will not force you in terms of weight due to their small size. Moreover, it puts its balance on the waist. Backpacks, on the other hand, give most of the load to the back and the rest to the waist and neck. If you carry a heavy backpack for a long time, you may experience lower back and neck hernia or cause deterioration in your spine.

How Carrying Heavy Bags Affects Our Health

What should be the maximum weight that can be carried with a backpack?

An ant can carry 20 times its own weight on its back. But in humans, this rate is maximum 2 times. Of course, the concept of transport here only means being able to lift from the ground. In short or long-term transportation, mandatory figures come into play in terms of health. The maximum weight of your backpack should be equal to 10% of your own weight. A 70-pound person should only carry a 7-pound backpack. However, it should be noted that this situation is extreme and should not be done every day. However, if you have to travel with loaded items in your camping plans during the holidays, you should not exceed these rates.

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What Should Be Considered While Carrying a Backpack?

  • The weight of your bag should not exceed 10% of your body weight
  • Heavy objects should be placed on the back side and light objects should be placed on the end.
  • If a heavy weight is to be carried for a long time, lumbar support bags should be preferred.
  • The backpack should be chosen according to the height of the person who will use it. The bag should not exceed waist level.

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How Many Liters Are The Backpacks?

The most important factors in choosing a backpack are height and weight. The bag you choose should be proportional to your height and the volume should not be chosen more than you can carry. Today, it is possible to find backpack volumes ranging from 10 liters to 70 liters. A daily backpack should not exceed 15 liters. In camping, holiday and travel bags, you can choose between 35 liters and 45 liters. You can find 12.3 liters, 8.2 liters and 16.6 liters options in the backpacks you will buy from the Nors brand, which combines quality with elegance. With the special design of your Nors backpack, which you will choose according to your body weight, height and needs, you can carry your belongings easily and complete your combination.