Since cotton has a natural raw material, it constitutes an important part of organic clothing and the most preferred items in terms of health are produced from cotton. It will be seen that clothes with high absorbency, breathability and quality that can be worn for many years are generally 100% cotton. Known to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, cotton clothes are more popular in summer. Since fabrics such as wool and velvet are used frequently in winter, the choice is more. However, when you sweat in the summer heat, there is almost no alternative to cotton fabric, which absorbs your sweat and offers you a comfortable experience.

Can 100% cotton fabrics be worn in summer?

Does 100% Cotton Keep Warm?

Cotton is a magnificent type of fabric that can produce clothes for both summer and winter seasons, depending on the weaving frequency. Densely woven cotton fabrics are suitable for winter clothes, while looser woven products are generally preferred in summer. Cotton is used in blouses, shirts, jackets, coats, tracksuits and many other winter clothing products. Because the breathable structure of the cotton fabric allows you to stay cool by ventilating your skin in summer; In winter, it absorbs the heat and keeps you warm.

Does Cotton Pull Clothes?

Protector Salmon Men's Tshirt Cotton fabric enables to create woven products with different tightness. Depending on this tightness, winter and summer clothes are produced. But what does not change in all circumstances is the fact that there are gaps in the weaving of cotton fabric. These spaces are; expands or shrinks depending on washing, use and temperature. When you wash your cotton clothes above 60 degrees, the spaces between the weavings become thinner. So your clothes attract. For this reason, cotton clothes should be washed at a maximum temperature of 60 degrees unless otherwise stated.

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Viscose or Cotton?

V Pagliaccio Cherry Women's Tshirt Ikon is another type of fabric whose raw material is cellulose, just like cotton. Viscose fabric, which has a much higher absorption power than cotton, can be found in your daily clothes. Viscose fabric, which is not usually used alone, is not used as 100% because its durability is not high. The only disadvantage of viscose, which looks lively and bright like polyester but can breathe like cotton fabric, is that it is not long-lasting. For this reason, in some clothing products, it is stated how much viscose is in the produced clothing fabric with an expression of 10%, 20% or 30%. It would not be wrong to say that it is preferred because it adds vitality and if there is a print on a t-shirt or other clothing product, it is preferred to look high quality. Cotton fabric, on the other hand, is a priority in terms of health as it has a structure that can shrink, cause the color to fade in printed clothing products, but keep it warm in winter and cool in summer and absorbs sweat instantly.

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