If you are paying attention to the choice of fabric for a dress or top clothing product you like, you must have looked at the fabric information on the label. All clothing products have some statements on the label that indicate the nature of the fabric. You can find out whether the fabric is 100% cotton or a cotton-polyester blend by looking at this label. However, although rare, when you shop from some unreliable brands, the information may not be included on the label, or the fabric you see may look different, unlike the fabric information on the label. In such cases, the first question that comes to mind is how to understand 100% cotton.

Does it draw 100% cotton?

If you are familiar with fabrics, you can actually tell at first glance whether the fabric is 100% cotton. However, sometimes unknown chemicals may be mixed into the cotton fabric instead of known materials such as polyester or elastane. It is worth remembering that detecting this situation will cost you an outfit. Because the only way to know if the product you have is 100% cotton is to burn a piece of it. Cotton gives off a paper smell when burned. It also has a bright appearance after it is extinguished. The ash is not black, but gray. If you are faced with a black ash and plastic burning smell after burning only a small piece of your clothing product, it is possible to say that the piece in your hand is not 10% cotton.

Does 100% Cotton Pull?

Cotton is a textile material that is relatively easy to process compared to other raw materials. It has a flexible and soft texture. But over time, it may lose its flexibility and become larger than when you first bought it. Weaving threads leave themselves completely and do not recover after washing. For this reason, it no longer matters at what degree you wash your cotton t-shirt, for example, that has lost its softness. However, in the first years of purchase, it is recommended not to wash the same t-shirt, which is very flexible, at a temperature above 30 degrees. The flexible cotton material recovers and shrinks in hot water. It opens again in the first wear after washing and reaches the ideal size. However, this growth may not occur at the required rate in cotton fabrics washed at 60 and 90 degrees.

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Does Cotton Fabric Show Inside?

Cotton fabric does not show through. No matter how sparsely woven, it helps you to hide your underwear as it is a thick yarn type. Only white cotton fabric, if your underwear is dark in color, it may be slightly visible from the outside. However, this is not the result of the cotton fabric, but the result of the white color. In many fabric types, the white color is not enough to hide underwear.

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Does Cotton Keep You Warm?

Cotton fabrics, which are preferred to prevent sweating in summer heat, are used lovingly in winter months because they keep them warm. The special structure of cotton is very successful not only in absorbing liquids, but also in maintaining the moisture balance. Therefore, it keeps it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Reviewing your color preference rather than your fabric preference according to the seasons will allow you to make a healthier combination.